Mercury in Vaccines Never Safety Tested

The Centers 6000 percent increasefor Disease Control – CDC – continues to claim, endlessly, that mercury is safe as a preservative in vaccines given to everyone from tiny babies to full grown adults.  The problem is that the CDC has never done a single safety study to prove mercury is safe in vaccines.  You read that right: Mercury in Vaccines has NEVER been safety tested.  Meanwhile, it’s a well known fact that mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin, even in infinitesimal amounts.

Burton brings the Pain to CDC Liars

Congressman Dan Burton – whose grand child was diagnosed with autism after a “routine” MMR vaccination – finally brought the question to bear in a manner that left the CDC representative nothing to do but tell the truth.  In what would be a national scandal if Reason reigned in the country rather than Hysteria regarding vaccination, the CDC mouthpiece is forced to admit that the only study ever done doesn’t even apply to the subject.  Some 27 adults
Dr. Joseph Goebbelsdying of meningitis were given mercury doses by Big Pharma giant Lily in 1929.  All of them died.  Nothing has been done since to test the safety of mercury, except to repeat in Joseph Goebbel’s Big Lie fashion, over and over and over, that mercury is safe in vaccines.  Nobody can question that mercury is a deadly poison in which infinitesimal doses can be damaging or even lethal; yet this lie is repeated ad nauseam that thimerisol/mercury is safe, with no proof whatsoever to support it.  Is it safe because the CDC says it is?  This is the same agency that helped murder black soldiers in the Tuskegee Airmen scandal.

Burton makes CDC Reveal the Truth


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