Former Merck Employee speaks against Vaccination

A former Merck employee money and injection with pillswho quit the company when she realized a  drug Merck sold – Vioxx – had caused strokes and heart attacks in several thousand people, is speaking out against forced vaccinations. She is being intimidated for her trouble by entities with inside information regarding the latest home security systems and the telecom industry. Who is intimidating her and why? Who is so afraid of this woman’s exercising her first amendment rights? Who is so afraid of any public discourse regarding vaccinations that they feel the need to frighten, harass and intimidate? Who has the money and connections to fund the sophisticated levels of technological expertise that have been used on Brandy Vaughan?

Watch this video and ask yourself if the woman is believable.

Vaccinations for Profit, not Public Health

The former Merck vaccines contentsemployee, Brandy Vaughan, says of vaccinations: “It has nothing to do with public health. It has everything to do with profits. We may have lost a battle (SB 277), but we still have a war to win. Hopefully, by documenting this intimidation, they won’t be able to get away with it in future, with me and with anyone else who speaks out.”

The narrator who introduces the film at this link tells us, “The system will go so far as to pimp out its own grandchildren in its propaganda and fear campaigns. And the system will go so far as to terrorize a woman simply for exercising her first amendment rights.”

One of the vaccine profiteers’ spokes persons used his own grandson in a PR stunt in which the child says he shouldn’t have to go to school with unvaccinated children. It’s quite a piece of Orwellian doublespeak. It  has been shown time and again that vaccinations not only do not work as well or as safely as they are advertised, but that it is the vaccinated people who are more likely to spread the disease for which they were supposedly “vaccinated.”

Vaccine Profiteers silence Truth

The truth is frightening 6000 percent increaseonly for those who attempt to pervert it. You don’t see anyone who questions vaccination, or someone who simply wants their God-given choice in vaccinating their children, trying to intimidate and silence the pro vaccine profiteers, or breaking into their homes to try scaring them into silence.

Wake up America

Time to wake up America. Spread this video around to let everyone see the dark side of the vaccine debate, the unspeakably evil forces working behind the scenes and the money to silence all dissent and informed debate.

Vaccine Court proves Vaccine Safety Lie

If you think the vaccine profiteer Merck has your and your children’s best interests at heart, you might want to revisit the Vioxx tragedy, see how the company peddled a $4 aspirin pill that was implicated in the deaths of thousands. The company paid victims $3.4 billion for that dangerous drug, but it won’t have to pay for its dangerous vaccines because the government has given vaccine profiteers carte blanche to do whatever they want to us with vaccines without having to face victims in civil courts. But there is a dirty little secret the government and the media hide that gives the lie to the endlessly repeated mantra that vaccines don’t cause autism. It’s known as the vaccine court and it has paid out several millions in damages to vaccine-injured children and their families.


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