Forced Vaccination for You

In an unprecedented docmanpower grab that would effectively end democracy and the rule of law as we know it, the CDC has proposed a law that will remove whatever vestiges are left of our inalienable human rights. See it here and comment to take action. Forced vaccination is no longer just a dream of the future for pharmaceutical companies and the military police state that increasingly runs the country. Forced vaccination for you is here now.

Send Comments to CDC

The same agency which has committed fraud to deny parents compensation for vaccine-related injuries, the same agency that helps perpetuate the Zika Virus Misinfo Campaign, is giving us all until October 15, 2016  to comment on its little proposal to take “extra-Constitutional” powers. This thing is beyond breathtaking in its sweep and scope.  They don’t even do this in China or Russia. If the government has its way, anyone judged to be at a “precommunicable” stage can be apprehended, detained indefinitely, and injected with whatever little gift the CDC chooses to give them.

Syphilis, Anyone?

Yes, forced vaccination will be the new normal if the CDC has its way. The Centers for Disease Control, the same outfit that helped murder black men in the Tuskegee Airmen Syphilis “Experiment,” now proposes that the federal government give it the right to vaccinate anyone, at any time, for any reason, with anything it likes. It’s a dream law for pharmaceutical companies who continue to reap billions in profits from untested, unproven vaccines like the shingles vaccine, gardasil vaccine (nightmare) and many others.

Whether you believe everything the government tells you or not doesn’t matter. Whether you believe vaccination in whatever form for whatever reason is good for you doesn’t matter. This new law would take all the thinking and decision making about vaccination and your own health choices out of your hands.

“Precommunicable”:  Unchecked, Unconstitutional Powers

This law would give CDC thugs the power to stop anyone, anytime, anywhere, for any reason, and detain them indefinitely for “quarantine” purposes.

CDC defines precommunicable stage to mean the stage beginning upon an individual’s earliest opportunity for exposure to an infectious agent.”

Note:  CDC does NOT need to give a medical exam to declare you or your city “precommunicable”.

Did you get that?  It means that anyone suspected of being precommunicable is subject to indefinite detention. No need to arrest you for thought crime, as in Orwell’s 1984; they can now “detain” you for being “precommunicable,” and “vaccinate” and educate you accordingly.

Real Target not “Those People”

Defenders of this monstrosity will point to swarthy foreigners whom they imagine – with the help of mainstream media whores and traitors – coming to pollute the homeland with all manner of infectious diseases.  But the real target is not “those people” (as General Robert E. Lee famously called the Yankee invaders).  Make no mistake: The real targets are you and yours, and your constitutional rights.  All you need do is just lie down and take it, and pretend you never had any human rights at all.

Red Flag News

Red flag news breaks this story that you won’t find on any mainstream outlet anywhere. Recent propaganda movies about killer virus outbreaks and measles outbreaks and endless mainstream media attacks against “anti-vaxxers” have helped usher in this monster. Read it and weep. It’s your life.

Forced Vaccination for You

In further maneuvers to set us up for this draconian move, Big Pharma shills in California politics like Democrat Senator Richard Pan and others have helped pass legislation to destroy informed consent for vaccinations. Similar moves are afoot in several other states.

Pay attention. Protect yourself. Call your representative if you care about informed consent, if you care about making your own health choices, if you think you have the right to do so. Remember, this law is not about “others,” regardless of how they trot it out to make it seem not only palatable but like a good and necessary idea.

This law is about you and yours, and it is a matter of life and death. I mean, raise your hand if you think this government is acting with your best interests in mind.