Monsanto Black Ops revealed
Bayer begins internal investigation as law enforcement investigates. (May 17, 2019)  Monsanto has for at least a decade made “hit lists” of people it considers enemies, including select journalists, lawmakers, regulators, and scientists. Monsanto
NJ eases limit on Sex Abuse Lawsuits
(May 16, 2019) New Jersey passed a bill to ease the limit on filing sex abuse lawsuits. Gov. Phil Murphy signed legislation May 13 to ease time limit restrictions on when childhood sexual abuse victims
HIV Drug Lawsuits filed over Tenofovir
Gilead’s TDF Drugs cause Serious Side Effects Men claim HIV drug caused bone and kidney problems. Lawyers have also filed a related class action lawsuit against Gilead. (May 15, 2019) Two California men living with
Monsanto loses $2B Verdict in Third Roundup Trial
Married Couple both have Lymphoma (May 13, 2019) Monsanto lost the third Roundup trial in dramatic fashion today when a California jury found that the company’s Roundup likely caused a married couple to both
Third Roundup Case Jury told to punish Monsanto with $1B Verdict
(May 9, 2019)  The third jury to hear a Roundup case this year was told by the plaintiffs’ attorney yesterday to punish Monsanto with a $1 billion verdict.  In the five-week-long trial which wrapped yesterday
Uloric Gout Drug Lawsuits
Uloric Cardiovascular Injuries – Heart Attacks & Strokes Gout drug lawsuits are being filed over Uloric, a medication designed to help treat chronic gout. A Uloric gout drug lawsuit alleges the maker of Uloric failed
FDA won’t Ban Implants Linked to Cancer
(May 2, 2019)   The U.S. FDA said yesterday that it won’t ban a certain textured breast implant linked to a type of cancer.  The agency has, however, strengthened warnings on textured breast implants.
Several states may ban pesticide linked to lower IQ, ADHD
(May 2, 2019) Several states are trying to ban a pesticide – chlorpyrifos – that some US EPA executives are fighting to keep on the market, despite the fact that the EPA’s own scientists
Monsanto faces Punitive Damages in Third Roundup Cancer Trial
(April 26, 2019) Monsanto faces punitive damages in the third Roundup cancer trial, unless a California judge in the case changes her mind.  The judge said yesterday that she will likely allow jurors to
J & J settles 3 More Talc-Mesothelioma Lawsuits
(April 25, 2019) Johnson & Johnson settled three more talcum powder-mesothelioma lawsuits this week.  All three cases were in the midst of trials brought by women who claimed they were exposed to asbestos while
NYC Leaders Move to ban Roundup
(April 22, 2019) NYC leaders have moved to ban Roundup (with glyphosate) in city parks.  Two councilmen are working to stop the city park system from using the carcinogenic weed killer which raises the
FDA Recalls Mesh Products for Women
(April 17, 2019)  The US FDA announced yesterday that it was recalling all remaining surgical mesh products used on women to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP).  The FDA said it determined that Boston Scientific
Monsanto loses Third Pesticide Case
(April 15, 2019)  Monsanto lost another pesticide case last week, making it the third time in less than nine months that the company has lost a court trial over its poison products. The first
Conroe, Texas Priest named in Sex Abuse Lawsuit
(April 6, 2019)  A Conroe, Texas priest was named in a civil lawsuit yesterday in a sex abuse case filed in Houston’s Harris County Courthouse by Matthews & Associates Law Firm. The plaintiff –
Deadly Crosby Plant Explosion
(April 3, 2019)   Early this morning, 26 different agencies were investigating a deadly explosion that hit Crosby, Texas yesterday.  One man was killed and two more were hospitalized after an explosion around 10:45