65 Arizona Priests Credibly Accused or convicted of Child Sex Abuse
(Jan. 18, 2020) – At least 65 Arizona priests have been credibly accused or convicted of child sex abuse. The Arizona Republic announced that disturbing figure last summer. Two Catholic religious orders released the
Why is Chlorpyrifos Pesticide not Banned?
EPA scientists say chlorpyrifos  pesticide is unsafe at any level; so why is it not banned? (Jan. 17, 2020) – Chlorpyrifos pesticide is known by our government to be both clearly dangerous and widely
Monsanto Cancer Victims include Children in 2020 Trials as Glyphosate Ruse Continues
Chemical giant Monsanto/Bayer faces six Roundup cancer cases scheduled for trial in 2020. Among the plaintiffs in the 2020 trials are two children who suffer from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Their lawsuit petitions claim they contracted
Longtime Corporate Attorney now helps Plaintiffs
(Jan. 9, 2020) – Longtime corporate attorney Julie Matthews has moved across the litigation aisle to join the fight for plaintiffs. Ms. Matthews joined Matthews & Associates in 2016 to work on the firm's
NC Diocese releases List of Priests Credibly Accused of Child Sex Abuse
(Jan. 7, 2020) – A Catholic diocese in North Carolina on Dec. 30, 2019 published a list of 14 clergy members it says have been credibly accused of child sex abuse. The Diocese of
Johnson & Johnson Settles Talc Mesothelioma Case
(January 6, 2020) -- Johnson & Johnson settled a talcum powder-mesothelioma case midtrial today. A California judge announced to the jury that the trial was finished. The jury was one of the first to
Trump unleashes Brain Damaging Pesticide
(December 30, 2019) – We know that "Trump unleashes brain damaging pesticide" sounds "over the top." It's also true. We know that a popular pesticide – chlorpyrifos – damages brains. We know that for
U.S. Gov. backs Monsanto Bid to toss $25M Roundup Verdict
(Dec. 23, 2019) On Friday, December 20, 2019, the U.S. federal government announced to the world its fealty to Monsanto. The government filed an amicus brief that backs a Monsanto / Bayer bid to
Monsanto fined $10 Million for spraying banned Pesticide
(December 20, 2019) Monsanto was fined $10 million last month for spraying a banned pesticide in Hawaii. Monsanto continued to store and use a pesticide banned in 2013 for about a year after it
Pope lifts Church’s Secrecy over Sex Abuse Victims
(Dec. 18, 2019) Pope Francis announced yesterday that he will abolish the obligation of secrecy surrounding abuse victims during Vatican trials and processes. The Catholic News Service just announced the new plan, which appears
Nearly 6,000 Uber Sex Assaults
(December 9, 2019) Our Uber rides might not be as safe as most of us like to think, whether we are passengers or drivers. Nearly 6,000 Uber sexual assaults were reported in the United
Pittsburgh Press Conference for sex abuse victims shut out by Legislature
Matthews & Associates Law Firm is holding a press conference on Friday, Dec. 6 at 9 a.m. at Pittsburgh’s Embassy Suites’ Heinz Room (535 Smithfield). We have filed cases for three Pennsylvania men who
New Clergy Abuse Laws and Church Bankruptcy
Fifteen states have now enacted new laws to help survivors of sexual abuse by clergy. The new laws extend or suspend previous statutes of limitations in order to allow claims that can now stretch
PA changes Sex Abuse Law after Grand Jury Report
(Nov. 27, 2019) Some 15 months after the state of Pennsylvania released a grand jury report implicating more than 300 priests in the sexual abuse of more than 1,000 minors, the state has changed some
Catholic Church Sex-abuse Boards undermine Victims
(Nov. 22, 2019) An Associated Press story has revealed that sex abuse boards, set up by churches to ostensibly help victims, often help abusive priests and churches first, leaving victims out in the cold.