Jury Awards $265M – Monsanto BASF Dicamba Trial
Companies Guilty of Ecological Disaster Conspiracy (Feb. 17, 2020) A jury awarded $265 million last week in a dicamba trial against Monsanto and BASF. The award went to a family whose peach farm was
Monsanto Cancer Victims include Children in 2020 Trials as Glyphosate Ruse Continues
Chemical giant Monsanto/Bayer faces six Roundup cancer cases scheduled for trial in 2020. Among the plaintiffs in the 2020 trials are two children who suffer from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Their lawsuit petitions claim they contracted
Trump unleashes Brain Damaging Pesticide
(December 30, 2019) – We know that "Trump unleashes brain damaging pesticide" sounds "over the top." It's also true. We know that a popular pesticide – chlorpyrifos – damages brains. We know that for
U.S. Gov. backs Monsanto Bid to toss $25M Roundup Verdict
(Dec. 23, 2019) On Friday, December 20, 2019, the U.S. federal government announced to the world its fealty to Monsanto. The government filed an amicus brief that backs a Monsanto / Bayer bid to
Monsanto fined $10 Million for spraying banned Pesticide
(December 20, 2019) Monsanto was fined $10 million last month for spraying a banned pesticide in Hawaii. Monsanto continued to store and use a pesticide banned in 2013 for about a year after it
(Oct. 15, 2019) Most people have woken up to the fact that Monsanto's claim to want to feed the world is balderdash. In fact, Monsanto has become so hated in the world that its
Bayer’s Home Country plans Glyphosate Ban
(Oct. 22, 2019) Bayer – which bought Monsanto last year for $66 billion – now faces a ban in its home country on Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide, Roundup. The government of Germany announced last month that
Final Monsanto Roundup Trial of 2019 delayed
(October 8, 2019) – Monsanto has not won a single Roundup trial, but it has succeeded in delaying the final trial that was scheduled for 2019. A St. Louis judge ruled this week that
Emails reveal Monsanto Manipulation, Intimidation of Cancer Researchers
(Sept. 19, 2019) Emails uncovered in Monsanto Roundup lawsuits reveal Monsanto manipulation and intimidation of cancer researchers. Monsanto worked hard behind the scenes to push "the glyphosate safety question" before congress and regulatory agencies
Monsanto-paid Scientists lied about Financial Ties
(Sept. 6, 2019) Monsanto-paid scientists who published papers supporting Monsanto and attacking the IARC lied about their financial ties to the company. Court documents show that several of the dishonest scientists were among 16
EPA vs. IARC fight proves EPA captured
(Sept. 4, 2019) Roundup lawsuits have uncovered internal Monsanto emails which have outed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as an industry-captured entity. The EPA vs. IARC fight proves the EPA is captured by industry. A
Republicans help Monsanto
Republicans have, for several years, waged a war against the International Agency for Research on Cancer. IARC is the World Health Organization’s cancer research division which declared glyphosate (in Monsanto’s Roundup) a probable carcinogen in
Bayer CEO may drive Monsanto Roundup Settlement
(August 6, 2018) Bayer's embattled CEO may drive a Monsanto Roundup settlement. Bayer shares had fallen dramatically after three straight juries agreed that Roundup causes cancer. But those shares jumped last month after the company
Costco quits selling Roundup
(July 22, 2019) Costco announced this summer that it will quit selling Roundup.  A Costco spokesperson announced May 29 that the company is not planning to sell Monsanto’s best-selling concoction this season. Some 12,000 Roundup
Judge calls Monsanto “reprehensible,” refuses to toss Jury Verdict
(July 16, 2019) Calling Monsanto “reprehensible” for concealing the cancerous hazards of Roundup, U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria refused to toss out a jury verdict against the chemical giant this week. Judge Chhabria oversaw