Halliburton Guilty of Criminal Destruction
Halliburton is guilty of criminal destruction and a whole lot more. The Department of Justice announced Thursday that Halliburton had agreed to plead guilty to criminally destroying evidence in the investigation of the BP
BP’s Corexit poisons all
The Government Accountability Project  (GAP) reports that whistleblowers throughout the Gulf of Mexico have revealed that British Petroleum's use of Corexit (which is banned in BP's home country, England) has caused devastating, long-term health
Wells Fargo scams Customers
Wells Fargo scams Customers. Wells Fargo was ordered by a federal judge in May 2013 to pay $203 million for a checking scam. The class action case accused Wells Fargo of imposing excessive overdraft

NRDC fights Pebble Mine

NRDC fights Pebble Mine
The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) announced today that thanks to donations from thousands of concerned supporters, a hard-hitting ad against the Pebble Mine – featuring NRDC Trustee Robert Redford – just appeared in
Sandy smashes East Coast
Hurricane Sandy smashed the East Coast with 80 mph winds and record storm surges on Oct. 29, 2012. The storm killed more than 90 people as it destroyed homes and businesses and left millions
Ford loses trademark case
Ford lost a case in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday when the court ruled that a Montgomery, Texas printer did not violate any law in printing the Ford logo for clients such