Hernia Mesh Pains Irish Men
(April 20, 2018) – Hernia mesh pains Irish men, the BBC reported late last year.  In America there has been almost a complete news blackout concerning the tens of thousands of women injured by
First Cook IVC Filter State Trial
(April 18, 2018)  The first Cook IVC filter lawsuit to be tried in state court in the U.S. will begin on May 7, 2017 in Houston, Texas.   The plaintiff is a Texas firefighter who
IVC Filter Controversy Rages
IVC filter lawsuits are being filed because the preponderance of evidence fails to show that IVC filters are worth their risks.  We are consequently filing IVC filter lawsuits across the country.  Matthews & Associates
IVC Filter Makers Liability over FDA Process
Lawyers for both IVC filter plaintiffs and IVC filter manufacturers continue to tussle in court over the FDA’s role in allowing different IVC filters to be sold on the market. Defense lawyers would like juries
Warming Blanket Recall
More bad news came recently for a 3M warming blanket used for hip and knee replacement surgeries that may cause serious infection.  FDA issued a Class 2 recall of 165,000 Bair Hugger Forced Air Warming
IVC Filter Verdict: $4 Million
(March 30, 2018)  The first Bard IVC filter verdict in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona yielded a $4 million jury award for a woman injured by one of the blood
FDA Medical Device Proposal Threatens Public Safety
(March 29, 2018)  A new FDA medical device proposal threatens public safety, according to attorney David Matthews, who is preparing to try the first Cook IVC filter lawsuit in state court in the country. The FDA
Decline in IVC filter use fails to affect VTE hospitalization rates
Cook Medical, C.R Bard and other IVC filter makers claim their devices lower rates of venous thromboembolism.  But a sharp decline in IVC filter use has failed to affect VTE hospitalization rates. A letter published
Medical Devices May Harm more than Help
(March 12, 2018) There’s a decided prejudice in our “modern” society which tends to embrace with little question any new technology that comes along. Like private investigators, we tend to follow the money. Because we
Diabetes Drug Raises Risk of Foot, Leg Amputations
The diabetes drug Invokana raises the risk of foot and leg amputations. As a result, the FDA required Johnson & Johnson to add new warnings to the Invokana drug label in 2017. The agency
First Bard IVC Filter Trial Scheduled
(Feb. 21, 2018) The first Bard IVC trial has been scheduled to be heard next month. The first jury trial against medical device maker C.R. Bard is set for March 14, 2018 in Phoenix,
South Dakota Natives sue drugmakers over opioids
(Feb. 7, 2018)  Three Native American tribes in South Dakota are suing opioid industry players in federal court, the Sioux Falls Argus Leader reported last month. The tribes allege they were sold addictive drugs
Blood Thinners like Xarelto linked with Most Emergency Room visits
Out of more than one million adverse drug events reported to the FDA in 2016, more patients complained of blood thinners than any other drugs. Blood thinners like Xarelto, Pradaxa, Eliquis, Warfarin, and Coumadin
Blood Pumps Can Kill Patients
Blood pumps can kill patients in their homes when they try to change the controller. At least 26 advanced heart failure patients have died and 19 have been injured trying to change the controller
Drug Industry, Congress fuel Opioid Epidemic
A DEA whistleblower told CBS News that Congress derailed the DEA’s attempt to keep addictive opioids off U.S. streets.  Joe Rannazzisi ran the DEA’s office of Diversion Control during the worst drug epidemic in