California kills Informed Consent for Vaccinations

Informed Consent is money and injection with pillsofficially dead in the state of California. Its killers and accomplices included Big Pharma, Democratic senator Dr. Richard Pan and media-managed hysteria following a measles “outbreak” at Disneyland, likely triggered by vaccinated children shedding.  Many disease outbreaks have occurred among fully vaccinated children, which proves health authorities and media are lying to the public.  The coup de grâce was delivered by California Governor Jerry Brown, who had a chance to veto the draconian SB 277, but failed, instead signing it into law last week.

Vaccination a $52 Billion Industry

Vaccination is a $52 billion industry with no liability for injuries.  That leaves vaccine industry profiteers a lot of cash to buy politicians and spread fear to sell the “need” for vaccinations through well-financed blitzkriegs in the mainstream media.

Big Pharma Millions to Calif. Lawmakers before Vaccine Debate

The Sacramento Bee reported on June 18, 2015 that “pharmaceutical companies and their trade groups gave more than $2 million to current members of the Legislature in 2013-2014, about 2 percent of the total raised, records show.  Nine of the top 20 recipients are either legislative leaders or serve on either the Assembly or Senate health committees.” The top recipient of Big Pharma largesse was Sen. Richard Pan, who received more than $95,000.  Pan is a Sacramento Democrat and a doctor who has vigorously promoted the vaccine bill.  He has also taken generous donations from physicians’ groups which stand firmly behind vaccinations. under pretense of protecting children reported that, “Under the pretense of protecting children from a non-existent health crisis, the California Democratic Party voted to mandate an unspecified number of vaccines and to eliminate the right of personal exemptions, which in the case of vaccines is synonymous with informed consent.  The resolution was part of a top-down orchestrated strategy to get party insiders to provide the appearance of popular support for California State Senator Richard Pan’s SB 277, eliminating personal and religious exemptions for vaccines for school children.  The resolution, which was not age-related, did not name the mandated vaccines but referenced a legally-required list that could change with the whim of the legislature. With over 270 new vaccines approaching approval, this resolution could easily promote a mandate of over 300 vaccines that all students (of all ages) in the jurisdiction of California or California students in other jurisdictions would be forced to be injected with – no information nor consent necessary.  Since Big Pharma has been completely exempted from liability for deaths or injuries their vaccines cause, there is no incentive for them to make a safe vaccine.”

California Attorneys may face Mandatory Vaccinations

Anyone needing education in California could face mandatory vaccinations, including attorneys, according to  Attorneys must take 24 hours of continuing education every three years, so they, too, may face forced jabs. Perhaps some of the 183,000 active members of the bar in California may take notice and take action to stop California politicians from forcing Big Pharma’s edicts on everyone in the state that they can reach. Informed consent is the human foundation of any medical treatment. We the people have the human right to decide what does or doesn’t get injected into our bodies.

Vaccine-Injured Children’s Parents Protest

Justice Gazette reported that the parents of hundreds of vaccine injured or killed children showed up to the California Democratic convention May 15th and 16th. They were “greeted by insults and verbal attacks from delegates who treated them (as the enemy).”  To those pushing the resolution and legislation, sick or dead kids were an inconvenience to be denied.  Democrats refused to look at evidence of serious harms caused by vaccines. Many spouted mantras about studies that had previously been declared false by Dr. William Thompson, a CDC whistleblower who previously sounded the alarm about the CDC falsifying mercury safety in vaccine safety studies.

Forced Vaccination Author Senator Richard Pan

California Democrat Party Controller Hillary Crosby and SB 277 author, State Senator Richard Pan, spoke for the resolution to force vaccinations on virtually all California schoolchildren.  According to, delegates could not recall any past resolution failing when an elected Democratic official spoke for it.  In the past, a scant few delegates dared stand up against resolutions personally promoted by legislators. The Pharmaceutical lobbyists’ booth in the convention hall showed there was a lot of money on the line.  According to Robert Kennedy, the Pharmaceutical lobby spends more money promoting their bills than any other lobby, including oil and gas and defense.  Kennedy said this bill is very important to the Pharmaceutical Lobby. Passage of SB 277 will dramatically increase profits of Pharmaceutical corporations like Merck, GlaxoSmithKline and others.

RFK Jr., others oppose SB 277

In opposing the resolution, Ruth Hull stated that she stood with Robert F. Kennedy, Dr. William Thompson and millions of voting Democrat activists for patients’ rights to informed consent. Ms. Hall also noted that Hepatitis B, which is on the SB 277 mandated list, is a condition resulting from sex but that it would nevertheless be forced upon children well below the age of consent, along with many other unnecessary, untested, dangerous vaccines, many of which are increasingly made in China and other places not meaningfully monitored by FDA or anyone else whose children’s health and lives hang in the balance.

R.N. Donna Macris

R.N. Donna Macris, spoke of vaccine injured children at the Democrat convention. She and others gave voice to the concerns of parents and opponents that was otherwise lacking in the Democrat’s insider circles. The opposition was strong.  More than a few voted against Senator Pan; roughly 30 to 40% of the delegates joined with the opponents in voting “Nay” to the resolution.  According to the, this was an unprecedented and significant showing against a resolution pushed by an elected official on the floor of the convention.

Democrats to leave the Party over Forced Vaccination

Some delegates remarked, “How can the party be so heartless.”  Several Democrats spoke of plans to leave the party as a direct result of what they considered a callous disregard for children’s lives with respect to SB 277 and this resolution. Calif. Governor Jerry Brown could have vetoed the draconian resolution that is a billion-dollar giveaway to Big Pharma – which enjoys a U.S. Government mandated free pass for any children its vaccines injure or kill – but the governor failed. He signed the abomination into law.



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