Natural Immunity Superior to Vaccination

Though some Mercury Safetymedical textbooks funded by Big Pharma donations may claim natural immunity is no different from artificial immunity, the fact is simple and clear: natural immunity is far superior to any artificial immunity allegedly given by “vaccination.”

Alleged Vaccinations

Allegedly is the adverb we want. It is perfectly fair to ask whether some vaccines work at all, or whether they are worth their risks, such as the shingles vaccine. Or the oral polio vaccine, which its inventor Jonas Salk testified in 1976 was the “principal if not sole cause” of all reported polio cases in the U.S. since 1961. The CDC admitted the same thing in 1992.

Natural Immunity

Naturally acquired immunity is magnificent, multifaceted, mysterious –  scientists are still learning about it today. We are born with natural immunity, a gift conferred upon us by our maker. It works GREAT, if we are kept healthy, well fed, and given clean water to help purge our bodies of the sins of our toxic “environment” overrun with corporate polluters and poisoned GMO foods.

Our immune response is a complex interaction between molecules, cells, and organs. It is efficient. It is able to protect us from outside threats as well as internal cells.

Non-specific vs. Specific Immunity

Our immune system can be classified into two parts: non-specific (innate, immediate response) and specific (acquired or antigen specific). These complex parts are constantly communicating and interacting, as is our entire immune system.

When we attain an infection naturally, the virus/bacteria/fungus must penetrate physical barriers (skin), chemicals factors (nasal secretions/membranes, saliva), biological features (gastrointestinal tract flora).

The non-specific components of immunity make up most of our immune resistance systems. Back in the 1980’s, a team at Paris’ Pasteur Institute showed 98% of the immune response triggered at the early stages of infection is non-specific. (Nature Medicine, April 2000)

Specific Immunity – Vaccine Induced

An injectable vaccine bypasses these barriers. In this direct bloodline assault, none of the body’s cells, organs or molecules – which are part and parcel of the body’s primary non-specific response – is activated.

Bad Science

The whole theory of vaccination is arguably erected on an edifice of flawed science. Vaccination is based on the premise (and the superstition, because nothing proves vaccination theory as fact) that we can “trick” our bodies into becoming immune to a disease without suffering any consequences.

The non-specific defense system, the body’s best, developed through thousands of years of evolution, responds immediately to protect the body from all foreign substances, whatever they may be. The non-specific system reduces the workload of the specific defense system by preventing the entry and spread of micro-organisms throughout the entire body. (Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology)

What is Immunity?

Immunity means the protection against infectious disease by either specific or non-specific mechanisms. The word immunity pertains to the immune system or immune response, according to Dorland’s Medical Dictionary.

Direct to Bloodstream Entry

Vaccines are injected directly into muscles, directly into the human bloodstream. This unnatural toxic assault bypasses the body’s natural defense. Pathogens most naturally enter through the mouth or nose, both of which are heavily lined with mucous membranes, packed with IgA, which is the key defender against viral infections. (Essentials of Medicine)

In the triggering of natural immunity, a remarkable number of biological events occur which prompt the body’s miraculous ability to develop true immunity. All of this occurs before the virus or bacteria comes in contact with the person’s bloodstream.  And all of this is bi-passed, short-circuited by vaccination.

Antibody Production does NOT mean Protection

The sole intent of a vaccine is to elicit an antibody reaction. Vaccine makers and their doctor cheerleaders claim the vaccine is “effective” when antibodies are identified in the bloodstream. But antibodies’ presence in the bloodstream has absolutely no correlation to immunity, as witnessed by the fact that the flu shot can give one the flu (as unwittingly proven to millions of people on national television by Dr. Oz and Piers Morgan), and the shingles vaccine can give someone shingles, as proven by the warning label the FDA required Merck to include on its Zostovax shingles vaccine. There is zero proof that elevated antibody titers confer immunity or protection from disease.

Natural Immunity Superior to Artificial Immunity of Vaccination

You read that right: No proof exists anywhere to show a link between antibody count and disease incidence. Researchers have found highly resistant people with extremely low antibody counts, as well as people who developed the disease to which they had high antibody counts.

Dr. Alec Burton discovered that children born with a-gamma globulinemia (inability to produce antibodies) develop and recover from measles and other infectious or contagious disease almost as quickly as other children. (Dr. Alec Burton, published by the British Medical Council)

Life-Long Immunity, a Memory

One of the fundamental features of the immune system is its ability to respond and remember an invading virus or bacteria.

A problem occurs here with the use of vaccines because T cells (memory cells) are extremely slow learners. The most recent research shows that the ability for a T cell to remember requires many encounters instead of one initial exposure.

“It is true that natural infection almost always causes better immunity than vaccines. Whereas immunity from disease often follows a single, natural infection, immunity from vaccines occurs only after several doses.” (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)

“The antigens contained in many injectable vaccines will not produce an immune response sufficient enough to confer protection against infection. Of the 23 vaccines currently in routine use, 20 are delivered by injection and stimulate only systemic immunity.”  (Avant Immunotherapeutics)

“It is dangerously misleading and indeed the exact opposite of the truth to claim that a vaccine makes us “immune’ or protects us against an acute disease, if in fact it only drives the disease deeper into the interior and causes us to harbor it chronically, with the result that our responses to it become progressively weaker and show less and less tendency to heal or resolve themselves spontaneously.” Dr. Robert Moskowitz, Dissent in Medicine)

Vaccines Inferior to Nutrition, Rest,  Sanitation

Vaccines are promoted by Big Pharma, the CDC, the AMA and an alphabet soup of government entities tethered to Big Pharma funds. Nutrition, rest, proper sanitation and clean water are far more important for anyone wishing to remain healthy in the continuing onslaught that poisons our air, food, water and social and political climates.