The Vaccine Lottery – Sacrifice the Children

“The Lottery” is Vaccine Pushersa powerful short story written by Shirley Jackson. The people of an unnamed town meet somewhere on its outskirts. Dramatic tension builds as we are not told the meeting’s purpose.  (Spoiler Alert: ‘The Vaccine Lottery – Sacrifice the Children’ is not a feel good story.)

The children play as children will, but the adults in the tableaux are uneasy. Some huddle in small groups and whisper quietly among themselves. Anxiety pervades the air, a sense of doom made worse by our total uncertainty of  what will happen next. A certain weird optimism runs through some people, while others seem more and more unsettled.

A beat-up black box soon appears, and the people are told their family names will be called alphabetically. One by one, each called person draws out a single small piece of paper. Each in turn holds up the paper to the eyes of the crowd, then joyfully proclaims and shows the drawn little piece of paper is blank. Each person who draws a blank is overcome with joy. Some scream and cry with pleasure and apparent relief at their good fortune. (Or what the reader comes to think is their good fortune.)

And then one person finds her piece of paper is marked with a black spot. She screams, but her scream is horrible, terrifying. She pleads with the crowd, “It isn’t fair! It isn’t right!”

The mob of townspeople quickly fan out into a circle around the woman. They have each gathered a small pile of rocks. And then they are upon her.

The Meaning of The Lottery

Forced to read the story in school, some apparently dense students have no idea what it means and don’t care to find out or discuss it. They just think the whole thing is crazy; but maybe they’re not that dense, as it clearly IS crazy. Other students like to guess at the meaning or discuss the possible meanings of this parable. One thing is certain: The woman is killed senselessly, horribly, unfeelingly by the people around her.  Even her own family joins in on her stoning.

Some point to the story as dramatizing a ritual dating back to the Druids and other tribes, cabals, or other primitive peoples who believed sacrificing one of their own to the Gods was necessary, in order to bring them abundant crops, deliverance from their sins, fecundity for their race, or whatever else they valued and believed they had to pay the Gods in blood for.

Sacrifice and Superstition

Some primitive societies flung children into fiery pits or bogs. Others selected full-grown adults or even their own Kings or other leaders, who, according to The Golden Bough, were oftentimes honored to be sacrificed and went willingly to their deaths. Merck’s dubious Shingles vaccine gives some older folks the same chance at sacrifice they may have missed as children, when the autism rate was one in 10,000, compared to 1/50 today, as Big Pharma and its government minions have  turned kids into cash-cow pin cushions for every conceivable vaccination.

Sacrifice and Superstition ruled the days then just as they do now. More than $3 billion of our tax dollars have been spent on vaccine-related injuries, including deaths from vaccines; so there is no argument that vaccines cause harm, or that they can kill people outright. Vaccines can cause harm, up to and including death; end of story, but the arguments, of course, continue.

Forced Vaccination for All

The argument for forced vaccination for all (which is already here) can only be that, sure, a few people are killed or maimed by vaccines; that’s an indisputable fact.  A few people draw the black mark, so we have no choice but to sacrifice them.  Our vaccination programs are for the good of the whole tribe. We can’t be concerned about the injuries or deaths of a few with the existence of the whole society at stake. So let’s just go ahead and accept the injuries or deaths of these unlucky people who draw the mark.

The Vaccine Lottery – Sacrifice the Children
The problem, of course, is maybe you don’t want you or one of yours to draw the mark. Or maybe you don’t want to think about this subject at all unless and until you or one of yours draws the mark?

Meanwhile, current vaccine discussions mostly miss this eerie parallel, that our vaccination policy today – especially for children who are forced to take as many jabs as the CDC, Merck, vaccine-profiteer Paul Offit and their lackeys in Congress decide to give them – would likely shock even Shirley Jackson. Ms. Jackson seemed to be making a pretty compelling comment regarding our human capacity for superstition and cruelty. The groupmind, as Edward Bernays reveals in his 1928 Opus Propaganda, is different from the individual one, and must be manipulated in a different way.

How many more children and others should be sacrificed via vaccination to satisfy our alleged insurance policy of artificial immunity?

So Long

Line up for the vaccine lottery and keep your mouth shut. Sacrificing some citizens for the benefit of all is a tried and true method practiced for centuries. Why should our current age be any different? Why should we stop and think about things when our superstitions have served us so well for so long?