WebMD shills for Monsanto & Big Pharma

WebMD shills for Monsanto, Big Pharma, and other corporate giants.  Natural News has revealed how WebMD has never seen a Monsanto product or a Big Pharma drug or vaccination that it didn’t like.  It promotes them all, without question or critical comment.  Why?

It’s the Advertising Money, Stupid
WebMD takes most of its advertising money from Big Pharma corporations like Merck, maker of the dubious shingles vaccine, the dangerous MMR vaccine, and other troublesome vaccines that are far from as safe or as effective as advertised by Merck and WebMD.  The company known as WebMD is one that clearly knows which industry giants are paying its bills.  WebMD is, in point of fact, little more than a tireless promoter of not only Big Pharma drugs and ethically-challenged Monsanto, but any and all vaccination, regardless of real science (or lack thereof) or circumstances.

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Passive GMO Promotion
Corporate sponsorships taint WebMD’s recommendations and “passive” promotion techniques. WebMD advertisements are often designed to look more like editorials to disguise their real intent, fooling readers into thinking that the advertising they see is actually news of some sort.

Monsanto WebMD Partnership
Monsanto uses WebMD’s influence to serve its own agenda.  Monsanto produces several sponsored “advertorials” that can easily be mistaken for “real” content rather than marketing propaganda.  Monsanto also uses independent third parties to manipulate GMO content on WebMD’s web site. (Monsanto also colludes with the EPA to play down the dangers of Roundup and promote it.)

Web MD Internet’s Most Visited Health Site
WebMD is, unfortunately for the truth, the internet’s most visited health site.  Public perception is that it’s a trustworthy source of “independent and objective” health information.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  WebMD is a thinly-disguised corporate shill masquerading as a news site.  WebMD uses its influence to shamelessly promote corporate-backed health products and protocols.

WebMD’s Journalistic Subterfuge destroys Credibility
WebMD “Partnerships” destroy any credibility the site may have once had.  Partnerships and sponsorships infect WebMD’s recommendations across the board. “Passive” promotion techniques include advertisements designed to look like editorials.  This is journalistic subterfuge at its worst, and its most sophisticated.

Web MD Rigs Phony Test for Depression
The pharmaceutical drug industry’s capture of WebMD has been clear for a long while and is nearly complete.  In just one egregious example, Dr. Mercola has reported how WebMD’s free online depression test in 2010 was rigged to make any person responding feel like she needed professional help.  The only result a test respondent could receive was that she was at risk for major depression and should discuss her options with a doctor.

That phony “test” was sponsored by Cymbalta maker Eli Lilly.  The test’s intent was obvious – to make a person inquire about antidepressants, and hopefully start taking them, preferably forever.

This advertisement dressed up as a “consumer aid” to make people go from feeling normal to depressed caught the attention of Senator Charles Grassley.  He launched an investigation, but that announcement changed no laws and apparently no perceptions.  WebMD continues to hide advertising business as usual.  Consumer Beware!

Web MD Aids Monsanto
Monsanto is one of the latest multinational corporate giants to use WebMD for its own hidden agenda.  Nearly every WebMD article now includes a Monsanto-sponsored ad that boldly declares: “It’s time for a bigger discussion about food.”  This clever propaganda then links to Monsanto’s corporate take on soil, water, and honey bee-disappearance, with no other contributor’s point of view allowed.

Marketing Strategists Tout “Advertorial Sponsorships”
Marketing strategists say “advertorial sponsorships” are the best way to sell something today.  They are designed to fool consumers, so that they don’t realize they’re being sold something.

Back in the day, before deep-pocketed advertisers called the shots and completely ruled the publishing world, the line between editorial and advertising content was clear.  You knew whether you were reading an advertisement or an editorial.  Today, readers practically need degrees in journalism and science to know what they’re reading, who sponsored it, and why.

A business has to pay for a sponsorship/advertorial just like it would a regular ad.  In some cases, businesses pay significantly more than they would for a regular ad.  But corporations consider the expense of a sponsorship/advertorial ad well worth the cost.

As Dr. Mercola explains: “The venue where your sponsored advertorial is going (in this case, WebMD and its affiliates) has no input on the content – the advertiser has full control over the text of the ‘informative’ ad.  The advertiser can control how the information is presented on the page, as opposed to having to select a regular display ad format.”

The sponsored advertorial can be used in multiple publications.  Companies can reuse a sponsored advertorial as a stand-alone ad in other places.

Native Advertising’ further Blurs the Line Between Ads and Independent Content

Another form of this type of shrouded sales presentation is called “native advertising.” The key difference between a native ad and an advertorial is that a native ad fits more seamlessly into the Website which features it, making it even less noticeable as a sales pitch.

This sneaky ad is designed to make you think you’re reading a regular content article, when in fact it’s all marketing. In the case of WebMD, the advertorial/native ad line is so thin as to be non-existent. Many of WebMD’s disclaimers are barely noticeable, and rendered in a typeset which manipulates readers into skipping them entirely.

Dr. Mercola explains:  “This all amounts to massive collusion on the part of the industries partnering with WebMD to sell THEIR health goals and products without you realizing you’ve been sold something that may or may not be in your best interest at all.”

WebMD pushes Vaccination

When it comes to vaccination, WebMD publishes only those articles which make it seem as if vaccination is a tried and true science without enormous problems, which include lawsuits for dubious vaccines like Merck’s Zostavax.  Vaccination “science” is far from settled, but you wouldn’t know that if you read only WebMD’s narow take on the subject.  The same goes for Monsanto products, and Big Pharma drugs.

WebMD shills for Monsanto & Big Pharma

If you want to find out what is really going on in the world of GMO foods, Big Pharma drugs, and vaccination safety and efficacy, the best thing you could do is avoid WebMD.  You will find little truth there not colored by WebMD’s fealty to its corporate and government sponsors.  Selah!



U.S. Senate Could Destroy Your Rights with H.R. 1215

Tort reform pushed by the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has always been a ruse.  The game has always been to attack lawyers in order to disguise the real target: the citizen and the citizen’s inalienable rights.  H.R. 1215 is the same animal.  Dressed up as a bill to “protect” people’s access to healthcare, it does the opposite.

H.R. 1215 Would Severely Limit Courthouse Access

The duplicitously named “Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017″ does everything BUT protect peoples’ access to healthcare.  What it mostly does is severely limit a U.S. citizen’s access to the courtroom.  It virtually wipes out class action lawsuits – whether for credit card fraud committed by a major bank, rank discrimination,  negligence, or even outright criminality committed by any corporation.  It also makes it all but financially impossible for a plaintiff’s law firm to pursue pharmaceutical drug or medical device cases for their injured or dead clients.  All of this is done under the guise of saving money; but this bill doesn’t do that, either.  Limiting a victim’s ability to collect fair and just compensation not only makes survival more difficult for that person, it also undermines any real accountability of the negligent party, the corporation.  The U.S. Supreme Court erroneously granted corporations personhood with its unconscionable ruling in the duplicitously-named  “Citizens United” case.  The rancid H.R. 1215 bill takes that catastrophe a step further, moving us all further down the road to complete corporate servitude.

Make no mistake: the end game is clear.  Like the Trump juggernaut, this bill moves under the guise of a populist movement which pretends that it will help people.  But the people ARE the target, and this new war is the same as the old:  It’s corporate power vs. people power.  If you have not figured that out yet, God help us all.

H.R. 1215 Violates the Constitution
The Seventh Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees a U.S. citizen’s right to a civil trial by jury.  Despite all its phony language about “protecting” people, H.R. 1215 works in direct violation of that right.

What is the Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017?
The summary of the bill, H.R. 1215, reads: “To improve patient access to health care services and provide improved medical care by reducing the excessive burden the liability system places on the health care delivery system.” In short, this is a bill designed to take away your rights to a jury trial, and to limit how much compensation an injury victim can collect.

Medical Errors are 3rd Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.
Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in this country. So how are your rights being “protected” if we limit your compensation?  Is your child’s life worth just $250,000? According to Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan it is. This bill will not only not “protect” you and your family. It will also destroy any incentive that the medical industry has to actually fix that problem. What has happened in Texas with its Draconian “tort reform” will open the door to that happening all over the country. H.R. 1215 will preempt your state’s laws that would formerly protect you from the kinds of things that have happened to Texas patients with their many perverted, imprisoned doctors, which the state’s twisted Tort Reform enables.

What damage caps will H.R. 1215 put into place?
The new bill places no caps on economic damages, a small silver lining in a black cloud. It will, however, drastically limit the amount of non-economic damages you may be able to collect – and in a sneaky way, too. From the bill (excerpts in bold are ours):

“In any health care lawsuit, the amount of noneconomic damages, if available, shall not exceed $250,000, regardless of the number of parties against whom the action is brought or the number of separate claims or actions brought with respect to the same injury.

“The jury shall not be informed about the maximum award for noneconomic damages. An award for noneconomic damages in excess of $250,000 shall be reduced either before the entry of judgment, or by amendment of the judgment after entry of judgment, and such reduction shall be made before accounting for any other reduction in damages required by law.

“In any health care lawsuit, each party shall be liable for that party’s several share of any damages only and not for the share of any other person. Each party shall be liable only for the amount of damages allocated to such party in direct proportion to such party’s percentage of responsibility.”

More Problems with H.R. 1215
Damage caps have always been a problem, but we have deeply-rooted concerns about the rest of the bill. H.R. 1215 also stands to:

  • Eliminate the class-action lawsuit
  • Make all healthcare claims federal claims, thus eliminating states’ laws
  • Allow insurance companies to pay claims via payments, not all at once

Soft targets of the bill, plaintiff attorneys – who fight for injured people – will have their fees arbitrarily limited.  Defense attorneys – who represent the corporations that caused harm – have no such limits placed on their pay.  The surgeon who hacked off the wrong leg, or the intern who mislabeled a chart and killed someone with a drug overdose, or the doctor who missed your cancer diagnosis?  Their “defense” attorneys can charge whatever they want.

Why H.R. 1215 is bad for injured people and their families
This Congressional bill aims to fix a “crisis” that even medical malpractice insurers say does not exist.  The Doctors Company, one of the country’s largest medical malpractice insurance providers, says, “Doctors are paying less for malpractice insurance than they did in 2001 – without any inflation adjustment. (And) the rate of claims has dropped by half since 2003.”

Despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, including years of studies, research, data collection and other hard evidence, this Congress continues to perpetuate the lie that limiting the civil justice system, in terms of which kinds of lawsuits you can bring and in how much money an injured person can collect, will do anything at all to save money when it comes to health care.

All so-called “tort reform” has ever done is hurt more people more often. The Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017 essentially says that it doesn’t matter how severe, how catastrophic, your injuries are.  Your life is worth $250,000, end of story.  Is that what your life is worth?  How about your child’s life?  If it costs a plaintiff’s attorney $250,000 to put together a medical malpractice case (and it typically costs at least that much), and the highest possible payout is $250,000, do you think you will be able to find an attorney to represent you?

What is Your Life or Injury Worth?
If a surgeon accidentally nicks your wife’s artery and she dies during back surgery, is that worth only $250,000 for you and your family?

If a doctor fails to recommend an emergency C-section because the umbilical cord is wrapped around your unborn baby’s neck, and your child suffers permanent brain damage that requires lifetime nursing care running into the millions of dollars, is that worth just $250,000 to you?

If a doctor prescribes the wrong medication to your spouse and it kills him, is that worth just $250,000?

U.S. Senate Could Destroy Your Rights with H.R.1215

Whether you have ever needed a medical malpractice or a personal injury attorney or not, you would be wise to contact your U.S. Senators today and tell them to vote “No” on H.R. 1215.  The only ones who will benefit from this bill are the corporations that cause people harm.

Matthews & Associates, meanwhile, will continue to fight against this obscenity of a bill.  We have always fought for the individuals’ rights against the corporation that harmed them.  We are lawyers working for people.  We don’t work for corporations, ever.

To learn more about our services, contact us at any time. Call or email for a free legal consultation.



Ten Deaths Linked With Hernia Repair Physiomesh

At least ten deaths have been linked with hernia repair Physiomesh™, according to U.S. FDA reports.  Mesh News Desk worked with Device Events to bring these deaths to light.

Thousands of women with transvaginal mesh claims have known for years of the dangers of polypropylene (plastic) mesh implanted in the human body.  Now, as many of the women’s pelvic mesh cases are settling, several trial lawyers are taking on hernia mesh lawsuits.

One Million Hernia Repairs

More than a million hernia repairs are performed yearly.  Many recipients of the plastic mesh used for hernia repairs are now reporting the same problems that transvaginal mesh patients did.  Hernia mesh victims report chronic pain, infection, mesh shrinkage, mesh migration, organ perforation, and more.

Medical device injury lawyers are focusing primarily on coated hernia meshes.  They are preparing cases for future litigation, specifically Atrium C-Qur and Physiomesh™ made by Ethicon, a division of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ).  Ethicon voluntarily recalled Physiomesh™ from the market in May 2016.

The Urgent: Field Safety Notice, notes two unpublished studies found that Physiomnesh™ had higher failure rates for laparoscopic ventral hernia surgeries than other meshes used in a German and Danish Medical Registry.

The voluntary product recall states unpublished data found, “The recurrence/reoperation rates (respectively) after laparoscopic ventral hernia repair using Ethicon Physiomesh™ Composite Mesh were higher than the average rates of comparative the comparator set of meshes among patients in these registries.”

Physiomesh Cleared by FDA, Not Approved

Some 300,000 patients have likely been implanted with Physiomesh™ since it was cleared by the FDA for sale via the 510 (k) process in 2010.   FDA Clearance does not mean FDA Approval, which is why the makers of these products can still be held accountable in the civil court system.

The Field Safety Notice notes nothing about hernia mesh deaths.

Device Events:  Ten Deaths Linked with Physiomesh™
‘Device Events’ is an investigative tool that uses proprietary algorithms designed by developer Madris Tomes, a former FDA investigator.   Ms. Tomes now investigates under-reported or mis-reported entries to the FDA complication databases, in order to identify patterns of injury or death.  In all, Ms. Tomes shared (with Mesh Medical Device News Desk) seven (7) injury and ten (10) death reports linked with Physiomesh™ hernia mesh.

Dirty Data skews True Picture
“While the FDA requires manufacturers and hospitals to report deaths due to devices, if there is any leeway or room for interpretation, often the reports come in as injuries or malfunctions. Tens of thousands of deaths have been extremely difficult to find due to this regulatory ambiguity and dirty data. This can be the critical data point needed for mesh and countless other medical device cases.” – Madris Tomes, Device Events

Further exploration of deaths and injury via additional search terms (such as manufacturer and a host of search terms used to unearth findings), are available via a subscription to Device Events.

Mesh Maker Must Report Adverse Events
Hospitals, medical device makers and importers are required to file adverse event reports with the FDA.  Lawyers, doctors, and patients may also file an adverse event report to the FDA. (See how here.)

An Adverse Event report means the device “may” have caused or contributed to death or serious injury, according to Isaac Chang, Ph.D, Director of the Division of Postmarket Surveillance with the FDA.

Certain malfunctions, such as a product failure, improper design, labeling and manufacturing problems, failure to meet performance specifications and use error must also be reported. Those incidents may have been a factor in a death or serious injury.

Sepsis and Infection
The ten deaths linked with Ethicon Physiomesh reported to the MAUDE database, almost always involved infection.

Sepsis is the most common word for a bacterial, fungal or viral infection of the bloodstream, according to Mayo Clinic here. Sepsis should be treated in the early stages before progressing to severe septic shock, which can be fatal, especially in an older person or one with a weakened immune system.

Sepsis’ origin can be the introduction of an invasive device or injury to the bowel, which then releases bacteria into the system.

Ten Deaths Linked With Hernia Repair Physiomesh
Organs can fail from severe sepsis, gangrene or tissue death.

Patient 8 died from sepsis after straps of the mesh were turned into the fascia violating the bowel.  Bowel violation, says a report on the patient.

Patient 14 is listed as an injury report, even though it later said the “patient had a generalized infection and died” after a Physiomesh™ implant and suffering two injuries to the small intestine.

In some cases, initial injury reports are not updated when the patient expires.

Mesh breakage of Physiomesh report to MAUDE
Patient 23 is an injury report with sepsis and the “mesh breaking up” and a “hole in the mesh” necrosis, and “resection of small bowel,” yet the reporter, JNJ, says the “mesh met the finished goods criteria.”  In other words, it did not test as defective.

Physiomesh™ problems have included a failure of the mesh to incorporate with the body, largely blamed on the laminated coating on the polypropylene (PP).

The Physiomesh™ is constructed of knitted filaments of extruded PP (plastic) with an additional dyed polydioxanone film marker, added for orientation purposes. The coatings were added to each side to avoid contact with tissue and organs and bowel. But with no PP exposed, the hernia mesh may not incorporate into the body, leaving it potentially floating and moving around in the patient.

Also, since less PP (plastic) was used to make Physiomesh™ “lightweight,” it is considered to be weaker than standard hernia mesh made of polypropylene.

The Physiomesh™ may tear apart as a result, according to trial attorneys pursuing these cases.

Natural Hernia Mesh Death?
Patient 20 was considered obese with chronic steroid use. Those are the factors contributing to his surgical site infection and wheezing, according to the entry.  The mesh separated and did not adhere to the intestinal loops.  Fasciitis and infection were observed.

A new mesh was implanted. The patient died four weeks after the Physiomesh™ was implanted. His death was attributed to bronchoaspiration and respiratory failure.
An autopsy was not ordered due to the “natural death.”

When Patient 24 presented with a 104.5 fever following his Physiomesh™ implant, as well as sepsis, he had the mesh removed. In 12 hours, the report says, “the patient got better.”

FDA Reports favor Mesh Maker
Two of the reports to the FDA seem tortured to avoid connecting the mesh to the patient’s death.

In the Patient 21 death report, which notes complications and sepsis after a mesh implant, the mesh maker reports there is “no reason to suspect the mesh malfunctioned and caused the patient death.”

Patient 16’s death, J&J reports, is “not related to mesh but to co-morbidity.” The patient had two surgeries, was bleeding from the trocar site and had necrosis of the colon.

Another death report, Patient 17, reports that he died six days post-op. The patient was enrolled in a study of patients with peritonitis to prevent incisional hernias. The patient suffered three small bowel resections during the procedure. The patient passed out in the hospital and hit his head. He died after 45 minutes of resuscitation.

Ethicon Response
Ethicon’s newer version of Physiomesh, Ethicon Physiomesh™ Open Flexible Composite Mesh Device, was approved via 510(k) October 23, 2014. It remains on the market and is not related to the withdrawal of Physiomesh.

Removing Physiomesh™ from the market does not qualify as an FDA recall, notes J&J.

A call from Mesh News Desk to J&J to respond to these reports went unanswered by deadline. Jane Akre of the Desk said that any additional comments will be added when and if they are received.



PPI Drugs Raise Risk of Death

A new study has found PPI drugs raise the risk of death. The study from the Washington University School of Medicine found a 50% increased risk of death from long-term use of Proton Pump Inhibitors. The study was published July 4, 2017.

The research was based on 350,000 mostly male military veterans who were prescribed PPIs or H2 blocker drugs to treat heartburn or protect the stomach. PPIs and H2 blockers both allegedly work by reducing stomach acid. The researchers found that those who took PPIs had a greater risk of death from any cause compared with those who took H2 blockers or nothing at all.

Proton Pump Inhibitor drugs are commonly used for heartburn symptoms. Popular PPI drugs include Prilosec, Prevacid, Protonix, Aciphex and Nexium. These drugs can cause acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease, or kidney failure.

PPIs and Kidney Damage, Bone Fractures, Dementia
PPI drugs were, for a long time, considered safe. (As were Vioxx and dozens of other FDA-approved and subsequently-recalled drugs.) However, these so-called heartburn drugs are now linked to several serious health issues, including an increased risk of kidney damage, bone fractures, and dementia. This latest research was published in British Medical Journal (BMJ) Open.

PPI Drugs Raise Risk of Death
Senior author Ziyad Al-Aly, M.D. told ScienceDaily.com: “[N]o matter how we sliced and diced the data from this large set, we saw the same thing: There’s an increased risk of death among PPI users.”

Dangerous Legal Drugs & Failed Treatments
The Washington University findings provide the latest scientific research revealing the serious health risks of common prescription and OTC medications. Recent research has also shown that statin drugs harm more people than they help. Popular antidepressants (or SSRIs), wildly over-prescribed, come with a litany of so-called “side effects” that are at least as damaging as the maladies they are supposed to prevent. Chemotherapy, the only officially sanctioned treatment for cancer, fails 97% of the people who choose it. “Chemo” also spreads or causes new cancer, a well known fact which is somehow difficult to believe, given the barbaric procedure’s widespread acceptance.

Chemotherapy Kills Millions
PharmaDeathClock.com tracks pharmaceutical-induced deaths in the United States and around the world. The web site has reported that chemotherapy alone has killed more than 17 million people since January 1, 2000. Adverse drug reactions have killed more than 1.8 million people. SSRI (psycho) drugs alone have killed more than 700,000 people. These numbers should be a national scandal. Children in our country have been forcibly removed from their families by CPS and forced to take chemo when both the parents and the children have refused the failed treatment. See “The Truth About Cancer” for real life stories of the medical mafia at work in our country under the auspices of the U.S. Government.




Heartburn Drug Alternatives for GERD, Acid Reflux

Proton pump inhibitor lawsuits have awakened many to just how serious stomach problems can be. Some taking PPI’s have developed full-blown kidney disease, so it is not a stretch to call heartburn or stomach problems like GERD or acid reflux a potentially life and death matter. PPIs like Prilosec, Prevacid, Protonix, Aciphex and Nexium can be expensive, especially if they lead to kidney failure. Meanwhile, a search on the web will help a person find potential alternatives. The question then becomes what advice to take. Either way, there are heartburn drug alternatives for GERD and acid reflux.

GERD Symptoms

Symptoms of GERD include a sore throat or sour taste in the back of the mouth. More severe signs may include asthma-like symptoms, dry cough, trouble swallowing. Left untreated, GERD can cause bleeding, digestion system damage, even esophageal cancer.

Alternative GERD Treatments

Doctors can, of course, prescribe several different types of treatment for GERD. All are intended to reduce stomach acid production. Some complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) may also provide relief. Complementary methods can work alongside so-called “traditional” (Western medicine) treatment, while alternative therapies can replace them.

What is GERD?

Acid reflux is also known as indigestion or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). It occurs when the valve between the esophagus and stomach doesn’t function right. When the valve (also called lower esophageal sphincter or LES and cardiac sphincter) malfunctions, food and stomach acid can travel back up the esophagus. This is where the burning sensation comes from, and gives it the name “heartburn.”

In 2013, the American College of Gastroenterology no longer recommended dietary changes as a treatment for GERD. But today one can find several pieces of food advice on that college’s web site. Whom does one trust today to battle GERD?

Food Matters
According to a Jan. 2017 piece in the UK Daily Mail, one should avoid several foods to avoid GERD or acid reflux. Dr. Jonathan Aviv lists several foods to avoid. They include:

•  fizzy drinks
•  coffee/caffeine and tea
•  citrus fruits with pH 4 or less (ie. lemon, lime, pineapple)
•  tomato
•  vinegar
•  wine
•  chocolate
•  alcohol
•  mint
•  raw onion or garlic.

Foods that Help GERD?
Dr. Aviv lists these foods as helping the problems of GERD or acid reflux:

  • Fish: Salmon, halibut, trout, plaice, sea bass, sole
  • Poultry: Chicken breast, minced turkey, eggs
  • Vegetables: Spinach, cos lettuce, rocket, curly kale, bok choy, broccoli, asparagus, celery, cucumbers, courgette, aubergine, potato, sweet potato, carrots (not baby ones), beetroot, chestnut mushrooms, basil, coriander, parsley, rosemary, dried thyme and sage
  • Raw fruit: Banana, papaya, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, watermelon, lychee and avocado
  • Dried fruit: Dates, raisins, desiccated coconut
  • Nuts and seeds: cashews, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, pumpkin & sesame seeds, almonds, pine nuts
  • Spreads: Fresh, organic peanut and almond butters
  • Cheese: Parmesan, mozzarella, other hard cheese
  • Bread and grains: Rolled oats, wholegrain pasta, wholegrain bread, wholegrain wheat flour
  • Condiments: Celtic salt, olive and coconut oil, soybean concentrate, vanilla extract, pea protein, white miso paste

Treatment Alternatives
Other sites list several treatment options for GERD or acid reflux. Unfortunately, the scientific evidence is limited that could support “alternative” treatments (but aren’t all treatments “alternative”?) as a replacement.

Alternative treatments include (but are not limited to):
•  acupuncture
•  Melatonin
•  Relaxation
•  Yoga
•  Hypnotherapy
•   Baking soda
•   Lifestyle changes (smoking, drinking, overeating, etc.)

Herbal remedies
Herbalists may recommend several different types of herbs in the treatment of GERD, though studies on these meds are generally poor and not well controlled. Herb treatments include:

•  chamomile
•  ginger root
•  marshmallow root
•   slippery elm

Head Elevation
One might also consider putting one’s head in the clouds – er, closer to the clouds – to fight GERD. Elevating the head when sleeping, from 6-9 inches, helps stomach contents flow downward. One can place blocks under the head of one’s bed for  elevation.

Throw Pills at the Problem

A Western doctor may, of course, prescribe medications such as antacids, H2 receptor blockers, and proton pump inhibitors, which have been linked with chronic kidney disease. All three types of medication are available by prescription as well as over the counter (OTC). These pills can cost hundreds of dollars each month, in addition to their “side effects.” In extreme cases, a Western doctor may recommend surgery to alter one’s stomach or esophagus.

One is always advised, of course (and again), to seek a doctor’s treatment for GERD symptoms if one’s home-made methods don’t work, or the symptoms worsen.



Your Rights are Under Attack Now in Washington

(June 26, 2017)  Your rights and those of all Americans are under sneak attack this week in the nation’s cesspool: Washington D.C. Your representatives in Congress must be told, right now, that their first obligation is to your rights.  Their first obligation is not to insure the rising profits of corporations which have padded their election coffers, or to shadowy groups like ALEC. Please read on and take action today.

Citizens vs. Corporations

Make no mistake. There is a war going on in Washington D.C. right now. This war pits the rights of American citizens against the “rights” of corporations to pillage at will. If Bill H.R.1215 passes, citizens’ rights to access the courts will be enormously reduced, and the monetary power of corporations will increase yet further, to the further detriment of us all.

AAJ Statement on H.R.1215

Washington, DC – The following is a statement from American Association for Justice President Julie Braman Kane on the so-called  “Protecting Access to Care Act” [H.R. 1215], which would severely limit Americans’ and their families’ chances to hold health care and medical providers accountable if they injure and kill patients:

“This insulting proposal does nothing to help Americans access safe, affordable health care. Instead, H.R. 1215 would punish patients who are injured or killed by even the intentional acts of a health care provider.”

“H.R. 1215 would protect an astonishingly broad range of dangerous health care providers, including medical professionals who sexually assault patients, nursing homes that neglect and abuse their residents, and pharmaceutical manufacturers that market deadly drugs and devices. Americans injured by these services and products deserve access to justice, but this bill will force people to suffer without any avenue to hold those responsible accountable.”

“States should have the right to decide how to best protect their citizens through patient safety liability laws, but H.R. 1215 is a sweeping federal takeover of this important state function. It is shameful that members of this committee went to unprecedented lengths to reject Rep. Hank Johnson’s amendment to preserve states’ rights and prevent the unconstitutional federalization of our health care liability system.”

H.R. 1215 would apply to a broad range of claims including those involving injuries caused by medical negligence, defective medical devices, dangerous drugs, and nursing home neglect and abuse.  The bill includes a federal cap on non-economic damages, imposes a federal statute of limitations for most claims, restricts attorneys’ fees, and grants blanket immunity to health care providers who prescribe a drug or device that was at any point approved by the FDA – even if that drug or device has since been proven to be dangerous.

The American Association for Justice works to preserve the constitutional right to trial by jury and to make sure people have a fair chance to receive justice through the legal system when they are injured by the negligence or misconduct of others—even when it means taking on the most powerful corporations. Visit http://www.justice.org.

Your Rights are Under Attack Now in Washington

H.R. 1215, the so-called “Protecting Access to Care Act” is going to the House floor this week.  This bill does nothing to protect your access to health care or to the courthouse. It also shields credit card companies for all the evil we know that they can do. Written by corporations, this bill does all it can to protect drug companies and doctors and credit card companies at the expense of all our rights.

Previous, similar bills have virtually wiped out medical malpractice protections for people in several states.

Debate Begins Tuesday, Vote is Wednesday, June 28

The only amendments allowed during floor debate will be those that make the bill even worse for patients. The debate on this bill will begin on Tuesday, June 27, with vote on final passage scheduled for Wednesday, June 28.

Vote NO on HR1215

Help us defeat H.R. 1215 by calling your representatives and telling them to vote a resounding “NO” on H.R. 1215.  Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric of the Congressional sellouts backing this bill. It is a thinly-veiled corporate giveaway at the expense of citizens, at your expense, period.

Take Justice Back!  Find and email or call your members of Congress – click this link:


The Civil Justice System worked for Dahlia Ramirez. If H.R.1215 passes, it will never work like this again.

Below, a short viral video tells the story of 7-year-old Dahlia Ramirez, who suffered horrific injuries caused by medical negligence. Thanks to the civil justice system, Dahlia now has the best possible chance at living a normal life.

Here are two links to watch and share Dahlia’s video:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TakeJusticeBack/videos/1407606809330918/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TakeJusticeBack/status/871841695037521921



Scientists: Ban Monsanto’s Roundup

In June 2016, a group of independent scientists urged the EPA to ban Monsanto’s Roundup. The scientists, met the EPA at the O’Neill House Office Building in Washington D.C. They testified that Roundup poses an unreasonable risk to humans, animals, and the environment. The closed-door meeting was with EPA scientists and host Ted Lieu, (CA-33).

Glyphosate linked with Autism, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, etc.
The scientists explained the physiological reasons why exposure to glyphosate, Roundup’s listed “active” ingredient, is linked to autism, Alzheimer’s, cancer, birth defects, obesity, gluten intolerance, and other health issues.

Profitable Poison
300 million pounds of RoundUp are sprayed each year on corn, soy, sugar beets, canola, and weeds just in the U.S. alone.  Half of Monsanto’s annual sales come from glyphosate-containing products, some $5 billion per year.

Concerned Scientists
Dr. Stephen Frantz led the team. The Pathobiologist Research Scientist told EPA: “When a cell is trying to form proteins, it may grab glyphosate instead of glycine to form a damaged, mis-folded protein. After that it’s medical chaos. Where glyphosate replaces glycine, the cell can no longer conduct business as usual, causing “unpredicted consequences” that result in “many diseases and disorders.”

Roundup also harms crops’ abilities to capture carbon from the air, an important factor in fighting climate change. Roundup also strips plants of nutrition we all need to keep our immune systems strong, and to perform every other task a body needs to survive.

Scientists: “We call for a ban on glyphosate”
“Glyphosate negatively affects the soil microbiome,” explained Dr. Frantz. “It is destroying the ability of soil to be a nutritive medium for producing crops. Organic or biological regenerative agriculture is the solution for the sustainable agricultural sector and will conserve soil, air and water quality, and sequester carbon that helps to mitigate the climate crisis. We call for a ban on glyphosate.”

Glyphosate driving Antibiotic Resistance, Superbugs

Dr. Frantz further explained that glyphosate is a patented antimicrobial. He said that eating glyphosate-laden foods exposes us to a chronic, low dose antibiotic. “This is likely causing antibiotic resistance and superbugs,” he said.

Child Casualties of Processed Foods
Moms Across America founder Zen Honeycutt also attended the meeting. Her son had been a casualty of processed foods. He was diagnosed with autism until his mother switched him to an all-organic diet.

Ms. Honeycutt said, “Mothers and caretakers are seeing their loved ones get sick on GMOs and glyphosate/herbicide sprayed foods and get better when they avoid them. Because glyphosate is contaminating our urine, water, breast milk and nearly all our foods, we are systematically causing sickness throughout America. For the sake of our country, this must stop. We simply cannot afford glyphosate.”

Statistics back Ms. Honeycutt. Some 93% or Americans are estimated to be poisoned with glyphosate in some capacity. Glyphosate has been found in nearly every person who has ever been tested for it.

Scientists: Ban Monsanto’s Roundup
A DNA Research Scientist, Sterling Hill, added, “Glyphosate is impacting DNA and causing disease. These diseases are skyrocketing and we will only see more of this if we do not put a stop to the use of glyphosate.”

Destroying Human Health for Decades

An MIT research scientist, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, has said, “It is going to be incomprehensible to future generations how our generation could have let glyphosate poison the earth’s ecosystems and destroy global human health for over four decades.

EPA Foot Dragging on Glyphosate Poison
The Deputy Director of EPA’s Pesticide Programs said the calendar will likely be deep into 2017 before the agency makes a final decision about whether EPA will re-register the chemical for continued use. On its web site, EPA says it invites comments on the pesticide. Click this link to  comment to the EPA.

Glyphosate is Outright Poisoning, Period
Dr. Frantz wants EPA to take action now. He sees the use of glyphosate simply as what it so obviously is: outright poisoning of our food and soil:

“By the end of 2016, the EPA will have something done and then comment periods, and then there’s another step, and there’s more comment periods, and this is like business as usual. The evidence we presented about this chemical being a glycine analog, that really should excite people. And I didn’t see any excitement. It should upset people.”

Pray for Guidance

We all need to pray for Dr Frantz to have his voice heard by the EPA. We need to pray for people who work in this agency which is so tragically compromised by Monsanto. EPA and Monsanto have been shown to be in collusion to protect Monsanto profits and hide the truth from the poisoned public. If more of us don’t start fighting back soon, our health may be so depleted that we may not have the energy. Perhaps that is the real plan all along. It certainly drive profits for Big Pharma and the medical mafia that run all of Western medicine with an iron fist.

If you don’t think that is the case you must see the movie Vaxxed and the amazing series, The Truth About Cancer.

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Shingles Vaccine Risk Benefit Analysis

Are the advertised benefits of the shingles vaccine worth the risks? Merck’s own paid-for studies show those who receive the shingles vaccine may have, at best, a 50-50 chance of avoiding shingles. Therefore, whether the vaccine can help someone is a coin flip at best. (Please keep in mind that nobody is arguing that shingles is not a potential problem. Everyone agrees on that point.) Meanwhile, Merck’s Zostavax vaccine has caused thousands of people serious “side effects.”

Shingles Vaccine Side Effects
Problems from the shingles vaccine include shingles itself, with its debilitating nerve pain (postherpetic neuralgia) and eye damage that can involve potential blindness. Many shingles vaccine lawsuits have been filed for people who were vaccinated and then developed shingles a short time afterwards. Thousands of adverse events have been reported from people who have risked taking the vaccine.

Does Zostavax prevent shingles?
Not only does Merck’s shingles vaccine provide scant protection (if any) against one’s having a shingles outbreak, it may cause problems as bad or worse than shingles itself. More than 31,000 adverse effects from Zostavax have been reported to VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. It is a well accepted fact that just one to ten percent (1-10%) of adverse reactions are reported for bad drug reactions. Consequently, it is not a stretch to estimate that more than 310,000 people have likely suffered adverse events from the shingles vaccine.

300,000 Adverse Reactions to Shingles Vaccine
Anyone considering Zostavax should take some time to read a few of these horrific reactions to the shingles vaccine.

Costly Chances, Serious Adverse Events
Seniors are the primary target for the shingles vaccine. Those on Medicare expect Medicare Part D will pay for it. But if the deductible has not been met, Zostavax’ full cost plus the fee for it can range from $190 to more than$350. The patient may need to pay it all.

A review article on herpes zoster, published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) generated a comment by Roy Fried, MD. MHS regarding the number of serious adverse events (AE) after the shingles vaccine:

For persons over 60, there is a 36% increase incidence of serious adverse events (AEs) within the first 42 days when data from and FDA safety study was combined with data from the Shingles Prevention Study.

For persons over 80, Zostavax’ ability to prevent shingles or postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) was no better than placebo AND these seniors had nearly double the rate of serious AEs in the first 42 days after their vaccination.

Vaccination fails to Lessen Pain of Outbreak
Big Pharma’s highly lucrative vaccine industry always assisted by the CDC frequently promotes the idea that even if a vaccine fails to keep one from getting sick, one will have a “less severe case.” A most dubious claim with every vaccination, it is a patently false claim with Zostavax. The FDA reported that shingles-vaccinated people who still developed shingles suffered severity of pain at the same level as that experienced by unvaccinated people who contracted shingles. In addition, the vaccinated group reported experiencing pain for just two days less than the pain reported by the unvaccinated (20 days vs. 22 days).

Shingles Shot Ingredients
The shingles shot was recently found contaminated with carcinogenic glyphosate, though that is not declared on the label. This makes one wonder what else is not declared in the ingredients. What is contained is alarming enough, including porcine gelatin, MSG, and aborted fetal cells.

The Shingles shot contains:

Viral Particles: At least 19,400 PFU (plaque forming units) – 14 times more viral particles than in the chickenpox vaccine.

Animal cells:
•  Pig: porcine gelatin – 15.58mg – known to cause anaphylaxis and food allergies
•  Cow: bovine serum – known to cause anaphylaxis and food allergies
•  Aborted Human cells: MRC-5 cells
•  Antibiotic: Neomycin
•  Chemical: sodium chloride (table salt) – 4.0 mg
•  Chemical: MSG, 0.62mg
•  Chemical: sodium phosphate dibasic, 0.57mg
•  Chemical: potassium phosphate monobasic, 0.10mg
•  Chemical: potassium chloride, 0.10 mg
•  Chemical: sucrose, 31.16 mg



Glyphosate Doubles Risk of Lymphoma

Scientists at the International Agency for Research on Cancer found in May 2014 what appeared to be a strong link between pesticide exposure and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a blood cancer.  Their review of dozens of studies found glyphosate doubles the risk of lymphoma.

The 2014 study analyzed 44 individual research projects published since 1980. The scientists wrote their findings in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. They found that people exposed to the weed killer glyphosate, marketed by Monsanto under the brand name “Roundup,” doubled their risk of developing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Most significantly, they based their ruling on public and peer-reviewed studies only. All the studies which have found glyphosate safe have been done by Monsanto or paid for by the company or its proxies. Or they can be traced to some person or university which has received some sort of generous financial “contribution” from Monsanto.

In 2015, the World Health Organization declared glyphosate to be a probable carcinogen. That declaration triggered an avalanche of Monsanto Roundup Cancer Lawsuits.

Twin Killers Dow & Monsanto
People exposed to 2,4-D, another potent weed killer made and marketed by Dow Chemical, were 40 percent more likely to develop non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

The authors were scientists who work in the IARC Section of Environment and Radiation in Lyon, France. They theorized that these pesticides cause genetic mutations in white blood cells and weaken the immune system and the ability to fight off disease. Earlier research has shown that farmers with exposure to 2,4-D have “experienced impaired” immune systems.

Extreme Levels of Glyphosate on Soybeans
Earlier in 2014, EWG reported that research by scientists at the Arctic University of Norway had detected “extreme levels” of glyphosate on genetically engineered soybeans.

The Glyphosate Death Cycle
Monsanto and other crop scientists have been performing experiments on food and people for years. With virtually no regulatory oversight whatsoever, they have genetically engineered soy, corn and other crops to survive the assaults of glyphosate. The theory (or dream) was that farmers could use glyphosate to kill weeds near crops without harming crops or animals or people. The problem has always been that the exactly same enzyme found in the weeds Monsanto targets with glyphosate is also found in animals and in us. Besides poisoning the population and the soil, this method has also spawned superweeds grown resistant to glyphosate and grown hardier. That, in turn, has only exacerbated the death cycle, as many farmers who bought into the Monsanto theory have resorted to spraying more of the pesticide in an overkill effort to kill the superweeds.

Questions for the Day

Should it be a surprise that more and more pesticide spraying does not make healthy food? Should anyone be surprised?  Can poisoned foods ever be healthier than non-poisoned (organic) foods?

Monsanto Doubles Pesticide Poisoning
The promise of genetic engineering has not only proven to be empty, but also incredibly harmful. The promise, the theory, was also that GMO crops would require less pesticide than other types of commercial farming. (Organic farming uses no pesticides.) The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently reported that herbicide use has doubled since Roundup was unleashed across our land. Herbicide (classified by EPA as a pesticide, so it’s the same thing) doubled from 62 million pounds in 1996 to 128 million pounds in 2012.

Monsanto Market Share
Glyphosate from Monsanto now holds more than 83 percent of the chemical pesticides used in the U.S. yearly, so Monsanto has done a fine job of nearly monopolizing the market as it poisons us all.

Glyphosate Doubles Risk of Lymphoma

The IARC study was published April 23, 2014, just as the U.S. DPA was considering approving Genetically Engineered (GE) seeds of corn and soybeans engineered to withstand 2,4-D, a suspected carcinogen. If the EPA approves the new GE seeds and if 2,4-D is used to kill weeds on some of the 170 million acres of corn and soybeans grown in the U.S. annually, the USDA estimates that 2,4-D use is likely to triple, dramatically increasing people’s exposure to a pesticide that has been shown to be a probable carcinogen.

Herbicides are Pesticides
All herbicides are pesticides as defined by the Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, aka FIFRA. Later amendments from the U.S. Department of Agriculture expanded the law to cover toxic chemicals now considered consumer products. The most dangerous pesticides (and herbicides) are restricted. They can only be purchased and applied by licensed Pest Control Operators, PCOs. Unfortunately, some PCOs do not follow the required rules when applying these especially toxic chemicals. Consequently it shows up as residues on or in food, and massive amounts of glyphosate have been dumped into our water supply through uncontrolled groundwater runoff.

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Vaccines All Contaminated with Cancer-Causing Toxins – New Study

Vaccines are all contaminated with cancer-causing, immune-system-wrecking toxins not disclosed on the labels. That is the finding of a new study released in May 2017.  No future discussion of vaccination – forced or otherwise – can be conducted without first addressing this alarming, glaring problem. How can vaccinations be “safe and effective” if they give you cancer or autoimmune disease? (One is reminded of the American Major who explained his methods in Vietnam: “We had to destroy the village in order to save it.”  Vaccine makers destroy the child in order to save it.)

Editor’s Note re: Fake Vaccine News
Drug companies that make vaccines spend $5 billion a year on advertising, so you won’t see this story in mainstream “news.” You will, of course, see nationwide coverage of the next measles “outbreak” to help sell vaccination. Those in the business of selling “news” call this “complementary copy.” News outlets create “news” that complements (helps sell) the advertiser’s products. Stories like this one that threaten product sales are strictly verboten, or banished to the back pages. Mainstream media would not be the moneymaker it is otherwise.

Vaccines All Contaminated with Cancer-Causing Toxins – New Study
The new study found that every human vaccine tested was contaminated with unsafe levels of metals and debris linked to cancer and autoimmune disease. It was published May 2017 in the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination. The research was led by Antonietta Gatti of the National Council of Research of Italy and the Scientific Director of Nanodiagnostics. Researchers examined 44 samples of 30 different vaccines. They found that all the human vaccines tested showed “the presence of micro- and nano-sized particulate matter composed of inorganic elements in vaccine samples” not declared in the vaccine’s ingredients’ lists. One vaccine for cats was the only one tested that was relatively clean.

Dangerous Contaminants Not Disclosed
Researchers found lead particles in a flu vaccine, in Gardasil and Cervarix (cervical cancer vaccines), and in a meningitis C vaccine.

An infant vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, poliomyelitis and haemophilus influenzae type B was found to contain undeclared stainless steel, tungsten, and a gold-zinc aggregate. Made by GlaxoSmithKline, the infant “vaccine” is called Infarix Hexa.

Metal Contaminants Undisclosed
Writer Celeste McGovern reported other metal contaminants included platinum, silver, bismuth, iron, chromium. She wrote that, “Chromium (alone or in alloy with iron and nickel) was found in 25 of the human vaccines from Italy and France. (If you think vaccines are “cleaner” in the U.S., think again. Many U.S. vaccines are made in China and elsewhere with little to no CDC oversight. Monsanto’s carcinogenic glyphosate has been found in vaccines here.)

Leukemia-Causing Vaccine?
GSK’s Fluarix vaccine for children three years and older contained 11 metals and aggregates of metals. Similar aggregates to those identified in the vaccines have been shown to be prevalent in cases of leukemia, the researchers noted.

Many of the vaccines contained iron and iron alloys which, the researchers wrote, “can corrode and the corrosion products exert a toxicity affecting the tissues.”

Undesirable Elements Impact Children
The study shows how these foreign contaminants injected into children may explain a litany of apparently unrelated adverse events associated with vaccination. These contaminants may explain everything from headaches and seizures to fatigue, muscle pain, paralysis and sudden infant death syndrome. More likely than not, the researchers surmise, vaccine contaminants will “have a more serious impact on very small organisms like those of children.”

The Dark History of Vaccination
The CDC has admitted to injecting a live cancer virus into 98 million Americans. That virus, SV40, was just one of 40 viruses identified in a polio vaccine that may have been a primary culprit in the epidemic of cancer that has exploded upon us since. Any adults considering the latest advertised vaccination for themselves – like the shingles vaccine – might first be wise to do some research regarding the dark history of vaccination. The life you save may be your own, or your child’s.

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